What do we do?

Carysfort National School has a very active and effective Parents Association that supports and empowers all parents to be active in the best interests of their children’s educational lives. The Parent Association Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and works on behalf of the parent community organising activities and events which benefit the school and the children. These activities include:

  • Raising funds for the betterment of the school
  • Running social and educational events for parents and children
  • Establishing working groups to focus on initiatives deemed a priority by the parents

How you can get involved
As a parent of a child you are automatically a member of the Parent Association. All parents are welcome and encouraged to become actively involved in whatever way they can – based on their availability, interests and skillsets.

Working Groups
In response to feedback from parents and with the support of the school we have and will continue to set up working groups to focus on addressing key issues. The current working groups are:

  • Road Safety: Have been an integral part in securing the planning for the road widening on the Carysfort Ave end of Convent Road. Due to start over the summer months.
  • Communications: We have taken huge steps to improve communication through the introduction of email communication and our monthly e-newsletter. We hope to add a Facebook page in the not too distant future too.
  • Pre and after school care: Significant research was completed on this and although it is not something the school can facilitate at the moment we hope to revisit it when the opportunity arises in the future.

Class representatives
Each class nominates one or two parents as class representatives every year. The class representatives are a key communications link within the parents of the class and between the parents and the Parents Association – ensuring that information is shared effectively and are a real benefit to the parents in each class. In the case of Junior Infants, the role of class representative is usually filled by a parent with a child already in the school and the role rotates each year to allow others take their turn. The roles of the class representative focuses on –

  • Coordination. From compiling a spreadsheet with contact details for the parents in the class to arranging social events to help parents get to know each other. Class Reps are also the point of contact for parents with queries about school policies and practices. They can in turn contact their PA Rep with any queries. Class reps are always welcome to attend the monthly PA meeting.
  • Communications. Sharing information between the parents and the Parents Association. WhatsApp is a very effective way of communicating PA and class information. We ask that all parents be mindful of social media etiquette.

A note on Whatsapp – Whatsapp is a great tool for keeping everyone informed, asking for homework, sharing photos of events that parents could not attend etc. Please apply basic common sense when part of a class whatsapp group. Photos of the children shared should remain within the group and not posted to wider groups/other social media channels

All Parents –
There will be occasions when parents of a class will be called upon to help with activities or events specific to their class, for another class (1st class host the First Holy Communion reception and 5th class host the Confirmation reception), or for the wider school.  There are also annual events such as the cake sale, the Christmas raffle and the Walkathon that need the support of the entire parent community.

Contact the Carysfort NS Parent Association Committee at: parentsatcarysfortns@gmail.com

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