Safer internet Day 2024

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an EU wide initiative to promote a safer internet for all users, especially for young people. It is promoted in Ireland by Oide Technology in Education and by Webwise, the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre.

Safer Internet Day will take place on Tuesday, 6th February 2024 and aims to raise awareness about online safety, encouraging individuals especially children and teenagers to use the internet responsibly.

The Theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day is “Tech in our World”; when we look at the big changes and big questions for instance, trust, the future, privacy, my wellbeing, rights online and legislation.

Webwise encourages parents and children on this day to:

Reflect: An opportunity to reflect on the role of technology in our world, the challenges and opportunities.

Recognise: Recognise the influence of persuasive design features and algorithms on our online experiences.

Reset: Learn tips to help reset our online experiences to promote a positive impact on our time online. Please see attachment below.

We encourage you to frequently visit and also to read through the following resource links below.

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