Busy Bees in 5th Class 🐝

Mr Heffernan’s 5th Class have been busy bees recently working on a project to raise awareness and help to protect the bee population. They managed to reach their target of collecting 300 ’Bee Cards’ from Super Valu. Here is some information about their project:

“Bees are one of the great pollinators on our planet.  The contribution of bee pollination to worldwide food production is approximately 35 percent. Sadly bees are under threat in Ireland with up to 30% threatened with extinction due to decreases in natural wild flower areas, cultivated landscapes and climate change.  Our project was aimed at raising awareness of the plight of bees and reminding everybody about the integral part bees play in our everyday food sources.  Many thanks to everybody who helped us achieve our target.

Mr. Heffernan’s 5th class.”

Well done 5th Class! 👏🏼

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