Applying to Carysfort National School for 2024/25

A copy of the school’s Admission Policy and the Application Form for Admission for the 2024/2025 school year is available as follows:


  • Completed application forms can be returned by email or by post.  No additional documentation e.g. birth certificate should be included with the application


Application and Decision Dates for admission to 2024/2025

The following are the dates applicable for admission to Junior Infants:

The school will commence accepting applications for admission on

2nd October, 2023

The school shall cease accepting applications for admission on

17th November, 2023

The date by which applicants will be notified of the decision on their application is

1st December, 2023

The period within which applicants must confirm acceptance of an offer of admission is

From 2nd to 15th December, 2023

The number of places being made available for the 2024/25 Junior Infants will be 86.

For applications for Senior Infants to Sixth Class, please email for an application form. Applications for the school year 2024/25 are accepted from 2nd October 2023.

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