How to get to your classroom (video)


All FOUR entrances to the school will be utilised to allow for social distancing.

Please direct your child to enter the school grounds using the gate most suitable for them based on safety, their assigned entrance and the direction you are travelling to school.


  • Each class has been assigned a route to get to their classroom.
  • Routes have been colour coordinated to make it easier for children to follow.
  • Classes will follow the same routes to exit the building at home time.

The “Carysfort National School Access Plan 2020” video below shows you how to get to your room.

School Entrance Gates

Junior Infant Yard will be used by the following classes to enter / exit school:

The Junior yard is accessible from all four entrance gates.

Jnr. Inf: Ms. Martin
Snr. Inf: Ms. Stakelum
R3: Ms. Cotter
R4: Ms. Sweeney
R4: Mr. Hamell

R4: Ms. Coonan
R5: Mr. Heffernan
R5: Mr. Monaghan
R6: Ms. Murphy
R6: Mr. Nolan

School Exit Doors by class

Carysfort Numbered Exit Doors

There are TWELVE numbered entrance/exit doors to the school.

Exit 1
R3: Ms. Shield
R3: Mr. O’Nuallain

Exit 2
R1: Mrs. McMahon
R6: Ms. Cooper

Exit 3
R1: Ms. Scanlon

Exit 4
R2: Ms. Cummiskey
R1: Ms. Comerford
Jnr Inf: Ms. Quinlan

Exit 5
Jnr Inf: Ms. Martin
R2: Mr. Kelly

Exit 6
Snr Inf: Ms. Egan
Ms. Curtin/Ms. O’Connor

Exit 7
Snr Inf: Ms. Browne

Exit 8
R4: Ms. Sweeney
R4: Mr. Hamell
R4: Mr. Heffernan

Exit 9
Snr. Inf: Ms. Stakelum
R4: Ms. Coonan
R5: Mr. Monaghan

Exit 10 Not in use

Exit 11
Jnr Inf: Ms. Leonard
R6: Mrs. Murphy
R6: Mr. Nolan

Exit 12
R3: Ms. Cotter

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